12th CPE Program for Echo Technologies of Philippine Society of Echocardiography May 7 ‒ September 10, 2016, RGMI Music Lounge


Philippine Society of Echocardiography, headed by its President, Dr. Edwin Tucay, continues its advocacy project to enhance the skills and knowledge on the acquisition of echocardiographic data and images for the professional advancement of Filipino cardiac Sonographers. Furthermore, this course will highlight their role in the performance of special echocardiographic examinations. This year's program will be held at the RGMI Music Lounge from May 7 ‒ September 10, 2016; 1:00-5:00pm. Each course will be scientifically discussed by well-regarded members of the society.

The course consists of 11 sessions. Ten (10) sessions for basic courses and three (3) sessions for advanced courses. The last session is scheduled for the Certifying exam. 36 Echo Technologists from different hospitals in Metro Manila and Luzon registered for this year's course. The recently concluded four (4) sessions were conducted by the following medical doctors and sonographer respectively: Dr. Melissa Cundangan, assisted by Mr. Raylan Ubaldo, Dr. Emmet Pua, Dr. Irwin Bundalian and Dr. Kristine Koa. Other expected lecturers for the basic courses are, Dr. Johanna Jaluage-Vilanueva, Dr. Myla Gloria Salazar-Supe, Dr. Corbelito D. Sengson, Dr. Jonie Bote-Nuñez, Dr. Ronald E. Cuyco, and Dr. Joyce S. Jumangit. Lecturers for the advanced courses are Dr. Marco Antolin, Dr. Edwin Tucay and Dr. Crismelita Bañez. To effectively instill the knowledge taught expertly by these well-known doctors, RG Meditron supported this endeavor by providing the Hitachi Medical Systems’ high-level ultrasound models, F75, as well as the latest ones, Arietta S-60 and Arietta S-70 alternatively, to be used during hands-on. Members and staff of the society appreciate the support from RGMI and Hitachi Medical Systems for this activity which was openly expressed by Dr. Edwin Tucay during the first session of the course.

With the desire to contribute to the advancement of the country's healthcare sector, RG Meditron is dynamically partnering with several relevant medical societies to ensure the fulfillment of this mission. RGMI is driven and hopeful for future collaboration with other prestigious medical societies or group who shares the same mission and vision for the continuing progress of the medical industry.

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